Jesus Christ

Becoming a Christ-like Servant

Born to Die: The REAL Christmas Story

Christ Crucified: The Solution To Self-Dependency

Church Leadership – Part 1

Church Leadership – Part 2

Church Leadership – Part 3

Church Leadership – Part 4

Church Leadership – Part 5

Church Leadership – Part 6

Church Leadership – Part 7

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False Teaching Attacks Truth About Jesus and the Bible

Fulfilled Prophecies Verify Biblical Truth

Fulfilled Prophecies Verify Biblical Truth

God’s Motivation for Your Life

Good Works are not Good Enough and do not Work

Grace, Mercy, and Peace

He Gained More for Us than Adam Lost for Us

Heaven…Are You Going There?

Is Jesus Lord of Your Life?

It’s All About Jesus

Jesus – Who is He

Jesus…Creator Sustainer Finisher

Jesus IS Lord

Knowing Jesus or Just Knowing About Jesus

Lasting Peace Comes Only Through Jesus

Life’s Most Important Decision

Oikos – The Household Principle

Prayer…and Jesus

Preparing Your Personal Testimony

Salvation Explained by the Romans Road

Servanthood: The Low Road to High Calling

Spiritual Realities Before and After Receiving Christ

The Cost Of Forgiveness – We Can Only Imagine

The Cross of Christ

The Law of Moses and the Law of Christ

The Supremacy of Christ in Counseling

This is the Gospel – The Good News

Truth in Life Basic for Growth in Christ

What Does Jesus Mean to You?

Your Identity in Christ